Burglary Victim. A resident of Bushwell Plaza
File:Burglary Victim.jpg
whose apartment was burglarized in iFind Lewbert's Lost Love. This was the latest in a string of burglaries in the building. In all cases, the only items that were stolen were T.V. remote controls.

Spencer and his Building Watch Patrol partner, Chuck, were on duty (on the building's 6th floor) when this woman ran out of her apartment, crying for help and saying that she had been robbed. She explained to Spencer and Chuck that she had left her home at 4:30 that afternoon to go to Build-a-Bra, where she said that she had built "the most lovely bra," and then returned home to find all of her T.V. remotes were gone.

The woman was extremely upset, but calmed down after Chuck told her, in a soothing voice, that she should go home, have a glass of milk, and relax, and let the Building Watch Patrol do their jobs. He sympathized with the woman and promised her that he and Spencer would catch the person responsible for the burglaries.

After calming down, the resident thanked Chuck, shook his hand, and left.

It was later revealed, ironically, that Chuck was actually the burglar. It is unknown if the woman ever found this out, because at the end of the episode, the building's doorman, Lewbert, claimed that he was the burglar so that he could be sent to jail and away from his psychotic ex-girlfriend.

The resident was played by Lara Jill Miller, who is best known for playing the tomboyish Samantha "Sam" Kanisky on the 1980's sitcom Gimme A Break!, which is ironic because of Sam on iCarly. Dan Schneider had first hired Miller on The Amanda Show, where she played a production staffer who frequently came on stage to give Amanda bad news.