Bucky is a humorless professional bull rider.

Spencer had hired him to teach him how to ride t
File:Bucky1 ihmp.png
he mechanical bull he found at the junkyard and refurbished in the episode iHave My Principals.

After several unsuccessful attempts at riding the bull on his own, Spencer decides to hire Bucky for lessons on how to stay on the bull machine. Upon meeting Spencer for the first time, Bucky brags that he's ridden real bulls that have injured him severely in the past.

Bucky's questionable teaching technique is to make Spencer go on his hands and knees. Then, Bucky climbs onto Spencer's back and tells him to try to throw him off. Bucky insists that this exercise will help Spencer learn to "think like a bull," which will supposedly help him ride the mechanical contraption in his apartment.

Bucky also has the ability to spit into a set location perfectly from a considerable distance.

Even though Spencer expresses his discomfort with the "lesson," he still goes through with it. Later, Spencer meets up with Carly and her friends at the Groovy Smoothie and complains how his teacher "put his butt" on his back. Traumatized from his awkward bull riding session with Bucky, Spencer vows never to think about Bucky or the mechanical bull again, ultimately concluding that the bull is nothing more than a "big, vicious torture machine."

Bucky's name is ironic, because a bull would "buck" someone off.

Bucky was played by Muse Watson.


  • "Where can I spit?"
  • "Boy, I've ridden real bulls that would make this thing look like a fat lady's purse."


  • Bucky is the only person in Seattle who teaches bull riding.
  • Bucky can spit into a trash can from clear across a room.