Aruthor, "Defender of the Hoobscher Fyord," is a character in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) World of Warlords.

According to Spencer, Aruthor is "the g
File:Spencer Aruthor isafw.png
reatest warrior in the entire realm of World of Warlords. His powers are equalled by no other." Spencer further claims that Aruthor is so powerful, he would annihilate the similarly mighty Aspartamay (the supreme warrior of the Pernicious Berm), though it is canon that the two could never do battle because they are separated by the "Farquhar Dimensional Plane."(which means that they are enimies) Apparently, were Aruthor and Aspartamay ever to fight, such a confrontation would be volatile enough to destroy the game's "multiverse."

In the episode iStart a Fanwar, Spencer attends Webicon with the iCarly crew cosplaying as Aruthor. While signing up for the "stume" (costume) contest in the WOW conference hall, Spencer encounters and roleplays a battle with Aspartamay. Ultimately, Carly's snatching Aspartamay's "brawny jewel" (life force) from his neck allows Aruthor to "pwn" Aspartamay.

It is unknown whether Aruthor is a user or a NPC (non-player character), although it is widely assumed that he is an NPC.


  • Longstaff
  • Sword
  • Wand
  • Chain
  • Doomsday Chant of the Hoobscher Fyords
  • Weeping Gases of Eternal Suffering
  • Tenacious Flogger


  • The jewel sequence on Aruthor's Tyranian belt buckle is red-red-green-yellow-red-blue-yellow-yellow-indigo.
  • According to the bonus content on the Frothy Brook Expansion Pack install disc, Aruthor's cape is made of jute.