Alison is a guest character who appears in iWas a Pageant Girl as Spencer's date for rock climbing.

She was going to have to cancel because her 15-year-old cousin, Leslie, comes to visit but Spencer tells her not to because he thinks that Freddie would love to go with them as Leslie's date. First Freddie refuses, saying he doesn't go on blind dates but after Spencer throws a tantrum (Sam's idea), he gives in and accepts. When the girls arrive, Leslie notices the game "What Am I?" on the kitchen table. Since they had some time to kill before the rock climbing appointment, they all decide to play. They have fun at first but Freddie and Spencer get so caught up in the game they end up ignoring the girls completely.

Alison even asks if the guys want to make out with them but gets no response. Alison and Leslie end up walking out of the apartment while Spencer and Freddie don't even notice.